Quality Supplements and Products

Quality Supplements and Products for Nutrition Deficiencies

They say you are what you eat, and there is no doubt that nutrition and supplementation can benefit your health by providing you with the energy and nutrients you need. Optimizing your wellness inside and out is possible through innovative solutions from ageLOC®, Pharmanex and others.

Jupiter Concierge Family Practice utilizes these ageLOC® and Pharmanex products for both skin health and nutrition due to their safety profile and scientific peer reviewed studies. Alongside a BioPhotonic Scanner to analyze your antioxidant levels, ageLOC® and Pharmanex can both be added to your unique treatment plan to optimize your overall health.

ageLOC®: Target the Source of Aging

The genetic research behind ageLOC® was not designed to address the symptoms of aging but instead focus on the causes of aging to improve your longevity, appearance, and quality of life. By using a combination of skin care products and ingestible supplements, ageLOCs® anti-aging nutritional solutions take an innovative approach to aging by bringing your mind and body back into balance. In other words, ageLOC® products don’t just make you look younger; they also make you feel younger.


Pharmanex: Nutrition and Supplementation

Pharmanex products and supplements can provide you with a strong nutritional foundation by supplying you with nutritional vitamins and minerals that your diet may fail to provide. This, in turn, can help to promote the development of healthy cells. This is important because keeping your cells healthy lowers your risk of developing certain diseases.


How We Treat Nutrition Deficiencies – What’s Your Number?

One way that we at Jupiter Concierge Family Practice can determine the health of your cells is to utilize the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner to determine your overall antioxidant levels. The BioPhotonic Scanner emits a harmless blue light that, when your hand is placed in front of it, provides you with a Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS). This SCS score indicates the overall antioxidant status in your body and can help us to understand if your cells are actually absorbing the nutrients you’re consuming. This then allows us to determine if your diet, lifestyle, and supplements are providing you with the antioxidant protection necessary for promoting health. By understanding this, we can then provide you with the nutrients and supplements that you require.


Why Trust These Products?

Nu Skin, the creators of ageLOC® and Pharmanex products, have access to over 30 years of gene expression research. Over 70 members on the scientific advisory board for Nu Skin are from major research universities, and both Pharmanex and ageLOC products use the 6S Quality Process that details Selection, Sourcing, Structure, Standardization, Safety, and Substantiation. This sets a very high standard for the development and manufacturing process by maintaining quality, efficacy and safety controls that meet and exceed all government standards.

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