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Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?


The question you are probably asking yourself regarding supplementation, why Pharmanex?  I shared my story of how the scanner and Pharmanex products have changed my life with improved health over the last 16 years. I feel that my overall health is optimized and my racing to a new level.

But let’s explore Pharmanex objectively as a company and look at their science and standards.


Pharmanex is not your typical supplement company, it was founded by three pharmaceutically trained scientists from the Pharmaceutical World; Merck, Wyeth, and Standford University. These Ph.D’s were the top scientists in their field and had a goal to create plant based medicines without side effects. They accomplished that, but unfortunately plants cannot be patented, so they left Big Pharma to create a supplement company = Pharmanex!

Nuskin acquired Pharmanex, believed they set the industry standard for scientific integrity and Pharmanex would be able to continue their research and development – “perfect marriage.”


  • Pharmanex has their own standards for regulation utilizing the 6S process.
  • Has more than 125 on staff scientists for research and development (50 million annually)
  • Research is coordinated with more than 150 noted scientists from around the world
  • Pharmanex Life Pak was the first multivitamin product in the world to pass top three safety certification tests: NSF, Consumer Lab, & BSCG
  • Pharmanex is one of the only supplement companies to have products (7) in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR)
  • US Olympic Games Sponsor
  • Pharmanex products are guaranteed
  • Pharmanex has never had a recall on any of their supplements

Truly a company with supplements that can be trusted.

Pharmanex – a different kind of natural health company

The difference is clear: Pharmanex sets the industry standard for scientific integrity. Pharmanex scientists examine the natural, healthy processes that take place in the body and determine how nutritional supplementation can enhance these functions. After weighing these factors, only substances known to be safe and effective in promoting health are taken to the next stage of development. Once selected, all Pharmanex® ingredients are subjected to a stringent, scientific analysis known as the 6S® Quality Guarantee. This patented manufacturing process—based on selection, sourcing, structure, standardization, safety, and substantiation—enables Pharmanex to lead the pack in quality and efficacy. The company consistently meets or exceeds the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards set by the FDA for this product category.

Today, more than 125 on staff scientists lead the Pharmanex research and development team. These scientists review published clinical and scientific studies to identify botanicals that may have health-promoting properties. Original research is also coordinated with more than 150 noted scientists from around the world, representing such institutions as Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Columbia, Purdue, Peking University Health Science Center, Shanghai Medical University, and Peking University. Through these affiliations and extensive research, the Pharmanex difference becomes clear.

Pharmanex 6S Quality Process

The key to consistent quality in Pharmanex Supplements is the 6S Quality Process. This process involves a set of rigorous, highly integrated activities and includes multiple layers of scientific testing and attention to detail. It requires consistent collaboration and a unified commitment to quality.


In order to be considered for use in Nu Skin products, materials must pass criteria for effectiveness, suitability for formulation, and consumer safety. Nu Skin works with experts and raw material suppliers around the world to gather both historical and new scientific insights about the unique ingredients within our products.


Once a raw material selection is made, Nu Skin scientists investigate potential commercial sources that can guarantee availability, quality, and concentration of key ingredient components. Nu Skin evaluates these raw material sources to ensure quality and suitability for product formulation, and monitors active ingredient concentration when applicable.


Nu Skin selects what we believe are the safest compounds and highest quality ingredients to incorporate into our formulations. Nu Skin sets specifications to provide a basis for active compounds, ingredients, and criteria for finished products. These criteria help establish ingredient standards, and provide specific characteristics to guide consistent manufacturing. Where appropriate, Nu Skin products are carefully analyzed to not only identify the active components, but to ensure consistent manufacturing and product quality.


Nu Skin raw materials must meet our specifications to certify their readiness for product manufacturing. When there are wide variations in active components of a natural or botanical ingredient, we select only those materials that provide the specified amount of these active constituents. Furthermore, our scientists strive to formulate products to contain ingredients at the concentration or strength shown to be efficacious. Once manufactured, Nu Skin products are tested to meet their finished good specifications before they leave the manufacturer.


Nu Skin adheres to high product safety standards by reviewing scientific literature and conducting standard safety studies. Nu Skin conducts standard tests specific to nutrition and personal care products respectively. Examples of safety testing include testing for the presence of microbes, heavy metals, and other contaminants and determination of irritation and/or allergic reactions. Often, we confirm safety and validate our conclusions by using external testing groups.


Nu Skin takes great care to ensure that our products and ingredients are not only safe, but effective. Each product claim is supported by scientific literature and/or research studies. For key products, we conduct documented clinical studies to determine product and ingredient efficacy and support product and ingredient claims.

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Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?

Pharmanex, a U.S. Olympic Games sponsor, tests products for banned substances

Pharmanex reported 14 of their sports products are passed inspection amongst national governing bodies such as the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC). Dec 21, 2001


Pharmanex, a subsidiary of Nu Skin Enterprises, reported this week that 14 of its sports products passed muster in regard to containing no substances that were prohibited by governing national bodies in particular, the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC).

“Pharmanex has taken this unprecedented step as part of our commitment to the international sports community, to provide accurate information and assistance to athletes, trainers and officials on dietary supplements,” reported Joe Chang, Ph.D., president of Pharmanex. “It is important for our industry to do whatever necessary to reassure athletes that they can take supplements without fear of jeopardizing their careers. I hope other supplement companies will follow our example, and commit to identifying standards for their products.”

National Medical Services, an independent lab, tested products such as Creatine Blast, MuscleFix and OverDrive, for six classes of prohibited substances and their precursors, including anabolic steroids, diuretics, narcotics, stimulants, beta-blockers and peptide hormones.

However, director of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Terry Madden told The Salt Lake Tribune that the agency still does not recommend any athlete take supplements and put themselves at risk for possible repercussions. “I look forward to the day when I can tell athletes what supplements are clean, but until there is some type of better regulation, in order to protect athletes, we have to take the stance that athletes should not take any of these products,” he said.

Pharmanex Products

(My Favorites)

Pharmanex products come with a 60-day guarantee, at the recommended dosage, as determined by the Biphotonic Scanner. If your scanner score has not increased significantly, you will get a full refund.

    Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?


    Designed to be the most scientifically advanced anti-aging supplement for adults:

    • Comprehensive network of 60+ antioxidants.
    • Cellular protection against free radical damage.
    • Decreases oxidative stress.
    • Helps reduce inflammation.
    • Lowers risk of injury.
    Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?


    Provides a variety of micronutrients, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

    • Contains more than 40+ antioxidants.
    • Antiaging benefits with cell protection
    • Offers anti-aging benefits including longevity and wellness.
    Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?

    ageLOC YOUTH

    Revolutionary anti-aging supplement that helps promote youthfulness.

    • Resets over 1000 genes to function the same as when you were young.
    • Contains a unique blend of nutrients that cannot be found in food.
    • Supports healthy ageing defense mechanisms.
    • Increases brain cognition.
    • Helps reduce inflammation.
    Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?

    G3 JUICE

    G3 juice has 4 super fruits from southern Asia (2000 yrs.)

    • Helps support cellular rejuvenation.
    • Slows the common effects of ageing through DNA protection.
    • Supports healthy immune function.
    • Great product for entire family – Kids love it!
    Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?


    (Children’s Vitamin – ages 2-12)

    Contains key vitamins, minerals, calcium, and beneficial antioxidants essential for young, growing bodies.

    • Supports healthy cellular and immune function.
    • Supports healthy brain and eye development.
    • No artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.
    Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?


    (My Secret Weapon)

    As we age, our body’s ability to effectively generate and utilize energy can decline, robbing us of youthful vitality.
    AgeLoc Vitality improves the 3 dimensions of vitality –
    physical vigor, mental activity, and sexual drive by promoting healthy Youth Gene Cluster activity associated with youthful vitality.

    For Athletes – Extra Bonus:

    • Maintain higher energy levels
    • Increases Vo2 (Aerobic Activity)
    • Decrease lactic acid build-up
    • Train with greater efficiency, faster recovery
    • No Stimulants, all natural ingredients
    • Guaranteed Results!
    Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?


    (My Favorite)

    Specifically designed for individuals who engage in physical exercise.

    • Provides B-vitamins, antioxidants, mineral cofactors, proteolytic enzymes, and electrolytes for energy metabolism and post muscle recovery.
    • Helps you push harder, longer, with improved recovery.
    Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?


    Cartilage Formula is formulated with a new and innovative vegetable-source glucosamine to provide structural support to joints and cartilage.

    • Supplies glucosamine, a building block for the protective cartilage in our joints.
    • Contains antioxidant vitamin C and E, and quercetin for added joint and cartilage support.
    Kathy Petrillo - Why Supplement?

    ageLoc Meta

    (gut health)

    A unique product powered by anthocyanins – natural health beneficial compounds found in the deepest purple beans and rice.

    • Helps with metabolic health and supports the liver and heart.
    • Helps support a healthy inflammatory balance/immune activity for healthy cellular function.

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